Enamel hot water storage tanks are water heating and store devices with several different options due to different heating and storage needs.


Characteristics of BURAL Storage Tanks:

• Low carbon steel body coated by vitreous enamel.

• Cathodic protection by magnesium anode bar.

• Wide range of capacities from 100lt to 2000lt.

• Rigid, mould-injected HCFC-free PU insulation with electrostatic powder coated steel cover from 100It to 600lt capacities.

• Removable soft foam insulation from 600lt to 2000lt capacities.

• Optional electric heating element with thermostat.

• 10 Bar operation pressure.


Provides hot water efficiently and stores heated water for a long period. Suitable solution for hygienic domestic hot water with enamel coating, one serpentine to generate hot water from solar collectors or any other type heating source. Heat losses are very low due to HCFC-free PU insulation.

Two serpentines extending full-length from top to bottom heats the domestic water homogeneously. With the advantage of two serpentines domestic hot water can be heated simultaneously from solar collector and boiler Bottom serpentine is connected to solar collector and upper serpentine is connected to boiler. Hygienic solution with enamel coating. Heat loses are very low due to HCFC-free PU insulation.


Consistent solution for domestic hot water storage, Keeps the heated water at a constant temperature because HCFC-free PU insulation minimizes heat losses. Can be used in constructions such as villas, apartment buildings, hospitals, hotels, dormitories and industrial facilities. Hygienic solution with enamel coating. Optional electrical booster support is available.