Having a BURAL Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater means benefit from over 20 years of experience, as thousands of products are in operation worldwide. Aesthetic appearance, high efficiency and long durability are main advantages of BURAL solar water heaters.


• Hygienic vitreous enamelled steel tank with food grade quality.

• Long lifespan with magnesium anode protection.

• No need to expansion tank.

• Easy installation for pitched roofs and flat roofs.

• Availability of Closed Loop and Open Loop systems.

• Solar Keymark certified according to EN12976




▶ KD Series Closed Loop System

Indirect system with a heat exchanger surrounds the hot water tank, heating fluid moves between solar collector and heat exchanger.

▶ AD Series Closed Loop System
Direct system designed for places where the water quality is good and no freezing risk.
No need a heating fluid, cold water moves from the tank to solar collector, hot water moves from solar collector to the tank.

*Sizes and specifications are subject to change without prior notice