•Enamelled (glass-lined) hot water tank produced in accordance with DIN4753-3.

•Cathodic protection by magnesium anode bar.

•Wide range from 100 lt to 3000 lt.

•Hard PU insulation and coated steel external cover from 100 lt to 500 lt,
 soft PU insulation and vinylex external cover from 800 to 3000 lt.

•Optional plug & play electrical heater with built-in security and regulation function thermostat.

▶ BS Series Single Coil Domestic Hot Water Tanks
Provides hot water efficiently and stores heated water for a long period. Suitable solution for hygienic domestic hot water production.
Heat loss is very low due to high density HCFC-free polyurethane insulation. 

▶ BD Series Double Coil Domestic Hot Water Tanks

BD series tanks have the advantage of two coils allow hot water can be heated simultaneously. Bottom coil connects to solar collector(s) and upper coil connects to heating boiler. Hygienic solution thanks to enamel coating. Heat loss is very low due to high density HCFC-free polyurethane insulation.

▶ BA Series Accumulation Tanks

Consistent solution for domestic hot water storage. Keeps the heated water at a constant temperature thanks to its high density HCFC-free polyurethane insulation which minimize heat loss. Can be used in constructions such as individual housings, apartments, hospitals, dormitories, schools and industrial facilities. Hygienic hot water storage solution with enamel coating.

*Sizes and specifications are subject to change without prior notice