Bural is a dynamic company has 20 years of experience in solar and heating industry. After 20 years in the business, we can claim to a high level of competence in the field of solar water heater manufacturing as we gained extensive know-how in this area throughout years.
Our success is based on offering efficient and durable products which is the fruits of our long term customer relations mentality and continious improvements. With this values, we are expanding our activities globally.

• We are customer oriented: It is our duty to meet the expectations of our customers with quality and stability, to offer right products to them continuously and regularly, to take the side of our customer after the sales without compromising on innovativeness.

• Our ethical values: It is our principle to be professionally ethic, honest and transparent, behave with good intention and tolerant to provide mutual advantage, and obey moral principles and laws. It is very important for us to fulfill promises that we gave and to be honest. We respect cultural and social values in the regions that we are in service.

• We are respectful to environment and human: It is our duty to act with environmental protection sensibility, fulfill our responsibilities towards people and environment, and not deal in the products harmful to the environment and people.

• We are global actors: We carry on production, business development, sales, marketing and consultancy activities in various cultures and different markets.