BURAL Solar Collectors provides the best cost/performance ratio. Enduring construction made of aluminium profile and tight thermal insulation makes our products the perfect solution for all climates.


Characteristics of BURAL Solar Thermal Collectors:

• Full plate copper absorber welded by ultrasonic welding and high selective or selective paint treatment options.

• Copper+copper solution.

• Solar Keymark Certified.

• Temperred solar glass ensures high solar transmittance and long durability.

• Rockwool insulation for excellent thermal insulation.

• Strong frame made of aluminium profile for long life in all climates.

• Easy installation on flat or pitched roofs.

Full plate selective collector with high selective properties as well as ultra tight frame and rockwool insulation. HP series are the perfect solution for cold climates or low radiation climates. HP series are also the best investment of commercial solar water heating systems for hotels, hospitals, villas, apartment buildings, industrial facilities, etc.

Cost effective solar collector with performance and long durability Same construction and material as HP series, the unique difference is copper absorber is coated by long durable selective paint treatment.