Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters do not need a pump’s support. Heating liquid moves in the system naturally. BURAL Thermosiphon solar water heaters use the Thermosiphon principle to collect the temperature from the sun and transfer it to your water. Aesthetic appearance, high efficiency and long durability are some of BURAL solar water heaters’ advantages.

When you buy a BURAL Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater you will benefit from 20 years of experience as thousands of products are in operation wordwide carrying diverse brands. We are your reliable supplier.

Characteristics of BURAL Thermosiphon systems:

• Hygienic vitreous enameled steel tank with food grade quality.

• Long lifespan with magnesium anode protection.

• No need to expansion tank.

• Copper absorber, copper tube with ultrasonic welding.

• Easy installation for pitched roofs and flat roofs.

• Availability of Closed Loop and Open Loop systems.

A heat exchanger surrounds the hot water tank, heating liquid (glycol) moves between solar collector and the tank. Heating liquid transfers the heat from solar collector to the hot water in the tank. KD Series is available in capacities: 150lt, 200lt and 300lt.

Designed for places where no freezing and water quality is good. No need a heating liquid, cold water moves from the tank to solar collector, hot water moves from solar collector to the tank.

(*) Solar Collector area and absorber type varies due to climate and radiation conditions of the site.